Friday, May 26, 2017

Long Weekends

Have you checked out our new addition to our services on our website yet? They will save you time!

What are your plans this weekend? I hope it is for fun. Looks like there is going to be warm sunshine so you'll be enjoying the BBQs , outdoor activities and visiting friends and family. What a great time to share why we are adding our new Online Option for you to use for your project planning!

EVERYONE is TOO busy. I know I am, it is overwhelming, isn't it? How did we get so crazy busy! We have all those time saving appliances, devices, and ways to communicate. Yet, finding extra time in our schedules eludes us more and more. Our sensitivity to this common issue was the incentive to offer an alternate planning protocol for our clients. 

Yes, our traditional Full Service approach is still available to you. However, if coordinating two working schedules or weekend appointments between the kids sports activities is stressing you out, then check out the Online TIME SAVING option. Relax in the comfort of your own home whenever it is convenient. 

We are here to help you whichever track you take. Give us a call if you have any questions! Enjoy the long weekend! Get out there and have some fun!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

BIG Announcement !!!

What is our Announcement? READY?

We are adding a new choice to the remodeling process for busy clients who want to remodel their kitchens but are tight with time.



We understand how difficult it is for a couple who both work to coordinate schedules to come in for four to five appointments regarding their remodeling project. We want to help these clients remodel their homes with the same excellent quality we provide for our full service clients.

Of course, the Design Build full service we have always offered is always available.


Sometimes, people ask us if they can just buy the cabinets from us. They may want to also purchase the flooring, counter top,  lighting, plumbing fixtures, and accessories from us too.  Or they may have other sources for all the components. Up to this point, we have not been set to accommodate these customers.

Please go to our Website for all the details.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Trusting Your Ideas - Cost vs Value

Trust your gut! Be true to your own ideas and taste when it is time to update your home.
It is understandable and common to second guess yourself. It takes time to think, rethink, and prepare ourselves and our budget for remodeling. When we finally have the finances to move forward it is natural to think of every idea you pondered since moving into your home. We ladies are especially vulnerable to become confused when we want everything we wrote on our wish list. Like life, it is generally not possible to get everything you want unless you happen to have unlimited money. No one actually does. Learning to imagine yourself functioning in the new room helps narrow and prioritize the wish list.

I have written past blog posts about the importance of creating your Dream Folder. I must emphasize that again in this post. Those who take this advice and clip or print out pictures of what appeals to them are less apt to have any regrets regarding the choices they make.  There is a cycle most homeowners fall into as the time gets closer to actually remodeling. You have most likely waited for at least months, perhaps years. New ideas and products are introduced in this industry constantly.The sheer selection of  cabinet styles, finishes, accessories, base and wall cabinet configurations is endless! There is a common trap homeowners experience. Your folder will aid you to  be completely confident about your taste and what you want. You will discover the ideas and pictures reveal the style, colors, and finishes you prefer. That is a practical way to really be confident that you will like your new space. It will feel like "you"  and the enjoyment of your new project will last  for years. That is true value!

 Peer pressure is a big factor as well. Yes, peer pressure! REALLY?! We are not school kids anymore. Yet, we are more vulnerable to people's opinions and suggestions than we realize.You must approach your remodeling project based on our personal lifestyle and preferences. This is challenging between the two adults living in the home. It is normal for couples to have distinct differences regarding door styles, finishes, appliances, and accessories they like for their new project. Adding the opinions of other trusted family and friends multiplies the confusion and stress.

The topic of this post refers to this trap. Cost vs Value can be a big issue when we are influenced by
someones suggestions Have you ever gone clothes shopping with a friend whose fashion taste you admire but do not really share? I have. Their exuberance about how great I looked in an outfit influenced me to buy an outfit I never wore. That is a fairly minor waste of money. When considering the final cost of remodeling in time and money invested, being swayed by someones opinion to select cabinetry or finishes they suggest has huge potential of robbing you of value.

If you are remodeling a kitchen, think about how you cook. Are you a baker? Do you love to BBQ? What about prepping? Will cooking be a family effort or just you? Do you and your kids do homework or paper work in the kitchen? How about hobbies or games? Why does that matter?

If you have a budding chef who loves to cook or bake with you, they will love having a prep sink and area separate from where you are preparing food. Homework or paying bills can be pleasant in the kitchen nook area with a special place for actively working and being able to store or file away papers.  

Value also equates to timeliness. Homeowners contemplate remodeling projects for years, Yes, it is usually a long process that becomes more urgent when Summer's activities are ending and Fall's crisp air turns our hearts and imaginations towards upcoming holidays. Most people are not aware that a remodeling project's planning, designing, and selection process actually takes more time than the actual demo and installation. Around September 1st the calls begin to come in wanting to have a new kitchen or bath completed by Thanksgiving. It is usually not possible to begin and complete the entire process from Design to Install in eight weeks, Your best chance to get on the schedule to have a completed  remodeled kitchen to  prepare, cook, and serve your Thanksgiving dinner means starting the Design phase in early to mid Spring, Yes, some clients know exactly what they want and that helps stay on task and target which speeds up the process. That , however,  is unusual.

I have given you much to think about! We deliver value for our clients time and time again! We would love to help you realize your dream step by step. Be watching for some new services and offers coming from Apple Wood. We have a big announcement coming soon!