Thursday, July 2, 2015

New Color and Materials Trends

We will be leaving for a wonderful family vacation to the West this week. We will reopen Wednesday, July 15th. We wish you, your family, and loved ones a wonderful 4th of July holiday!

We have covered many new ideas to get your creative juices flowing to design the best new bath possible in your home the past few weeks. Today I am going to write about a few basics every homeowner has to make decisions about in their bath remodeling project.

The same wood species stained, perhaps glazed, cabinets used in kitchens are also built in vanity and tall linen cabinets. Painted cabinets are as well. Since painted cabinets are generally constructed with major parts being MDF, they are very popular in baths. Let's discuss the differences in a bath environment.

Have you ever had trouble opening a wood door on a rainy day? Since wood is a natural product, it is reactive to temperature and humidity in a room. It can swell when the air is moist. Then it shrinks when the air is dry. This can be especially annoying with drawers and with mitered door styles. Drawers may be hard to open until the air dries out. Mitered doors made out of wood may gap showing an unstained surface which contrasts with the stain you selected. It is temporary and does not bother some people. However, this attribute can truly bother some.

Since there is so much moisture in any bathroom every day, painted cabinets are perfect. Painted cabinets are made with MDF instead of original wood. MDF does not react to moisture in the air. Stained wood cabinets are often installed in bath projects. They work fine especially with full overlay doors. Just keep in mind, wood is a natural product that will adapt to moist or dry air, heat, and cold.
Before making a decision please consider and compare a painted door for your bath project.

Probably the most popular vanity is white or off white. It looks sharp in a traditional or contemporary style. A new neutral has arrived on the scene and is gaining popularity. Gray, all shades of grays, add sophistication while offering the light and bright feel the whites always have. Gray cabinets are stunning when combined with classic Carrara Marble!  Our customers love a clean crisp look in general, which offers longevity. To have  another choice of  subtle designer hues of gray has proven very welcomed. If a truly dramatic look is desired, a medium to dark gray hue does the trick.

Gray also lends itself to inexpensive updating as often as you want. Since gray is a mix of hot and cold colors on the color wheel, accessories, towels, and bath mats in either spectrum of the color wheel blend amazingly. Right now yellows and oranges are the trend. However if you decide to buy some new towels and accessories in blues, greens, teal, red, or purples for a change, you will enjoy a completely new look for very little investment. Of course, you can do the same with the whites, but there seems to be a more powerful statement made when your cabinets are in one of the gray tones available.

Lighting is the next necessary and expressive choice to make. The days of  the horizontal bar of Hollywood dressing table big bulbs are gone! The size of the bath determines scope and scale of every design feature. A small bath may still have one light over the vanity sink area. However, a larger bath my incorporate chandeliers, sconces, drum shade lights, and LED lights. LED light minimize heat and the use of electricity while creating bright light. Recessed or canned ceiling lights are still used. However, there is a trend away from them to designer lighting touches that complement the design style the client wants in the bath.

For instance, a beautiful chandelier over a luxurious jetted soaking tub invites you to linger in the opulence. It is like adding the perfect jewelry to your outfit. matching sconces in the vanity area carry the theme beautifully through through the room.  If your design style leans towards simplicity you will love the drum shade pendant lights. Lighting of an Asian flair is another choice if contemporary is your favorite happy place. The choices are endless.

Remember the Design Wish Folder we told you about weeks ago. Start filling it with pictures and notes of what your dream bath looks like, Call us for an appointment. Bring  your folder and ideas with you so we can help your dreams come true. We are here to help you!    

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