Friday, July 31, 2015

So Many IMPORTANT Things to Consider

Being invited to estimate a home remodeling project is a privilege. Being awarded the project is an exciting reminder of the commitment to excellence our team always has on each and every project. Your home is typically the biggest financial investment made. Yet, it is so much more. Our dreams for the future of ourselves and our family reside together. At Apple Wood, we take this truth to heart. Although we have been building homes or improving existing homes for decades now, we never forget yours is unique. Your home is your castle in so many ways. We respect the love you have for your home as we come along side to make your ideas and dreams a reality for years to come.  

We value your trust and faith in us. To be referred to a friend or family member who also wants to begin a project is what we thrive on at Apple Wood! A very high percentage of our new business is born from our client's referrals. There is no better compliment!

One thing is for sure, your project is going to be an adventure. Like all adventures, there are truly great times. There can be some trying times as well. Having your daily life upset with designers, craftsman, plumbers, electricians, and installers in your home daily for weeks can be stressful.

Working with one "go to" project manager who you communicate well with is essential.
Be sure to do your due diligence. Talk to your family , friends, or neighbors about their experiences.
Listen carefully and interview the legitimate professionals who pleased them. We all realize we jell well with some personalities and maybe less with others. The choice you make will impact you and your home's environment for months, perhaps years.

Here are some considerations. Do you enjoy their personality? Do you communicate well?
Do they "get" your ideas or push their own on you? What do they commit to regarding daily cleanup to keep your home as organized and peaceful as possible during the construction process? These are the issues where the rubber meets the road that end up making a huge difference in your peace of mind as well as the finished product!

Our Apple Wood team pride ourselves on listening to your ideas and questions. It helps us discover your design style and living habits. All of these components are part of the process. I think a reminder of an old expression is appropriate here. How many times have you heard or said, "You get what you pay for"? I know it is true from personal experience. You?

Well, in the remodeling industry, it is not only true, it is critical. Sometimes, trying to save a few dollars by being your own project manager or hiring the least expensive sub contractor becomes a nightmare. It can result in poor workmanship or poor quality fixtures, cabinets, or other materials needed in the project. Worse, is being taken advantage of by an unscrupulous amateur that is all talk and takes your money, then abandons the job as they run away with your deposit. It all happens, unfortunately.

I mentioned in earlier blog post starting your "Design Wish Folder". When you begin collecting pictures or articles about the features and styles you like, your vision begins to form. Sometimes it is so consistent it is easy to determine the exact design style you resonate with. Sometimes, you find many different styles you like or a more eclectic look. If the couple find each of them has different ideas and taste that need to be negotiated to find the middle ground, the stress level accelerates.

We enjoy getting to know you and your families preferences are important to us. We are experts helping couples compromise. It is a little like being a marriage therapist. Typically, men love wood with lots of grain and texture. That rugged NH look. The ladies typically prefer a more refined look. Many prefer the sophistication of painted cabinets with glaze. Yes! This is a common conversation in our showroom and consultation appointments. Guess what! We succeed helping every one compromise with the final result of both parties being happy! I bet you did not know we are magicians too!

There are basics that all projects share. However, having the opportunity to help each couple and our clients explore their taste, their dreams and hopes and discover the perfect balance is so rewarding!

We value educating you to learn design trends and ways to balance both tastes in one project. You will be happy and excited to see how we can integrate them into a beautiful new room addition, kitchen, or bath.  My next blog will be filled with ideas on how we make this magic happen! You are going to love it!

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