Thursday, September 3, 2015

Your Range and Ovens as a Dramatic Focal Point

I was so excited last week about this topic, I wrote a long post without saving it along the way. Yes, you guessed it. I hit some key accidentally. I lost the entire thing! Here goes again!

Focal points in a kitchen are wonderful. You might be surprised to find out even a small kitchen can be designed with flair, including one particular area being featured to draw your attention. Someday, I hope to have enough square feet in my kitchen to design my ultimate dream creative center as my focal point. Creative center? Yes, I say that because, those of us who love to cook and bake, find it a great creative expression. Let's begin with the range, hood, oven, and cook top area.

Commercial grade ranges measuring 36 to 60 inches wide have become very popular in large kitchens. Sometimes these mammoth appliances have six burners plus two ovens, indoor grills, rotisseries, steamers, and griddles as well as the gas burners. Viking and Bertazzoni ranges have a wide range of colors available as well as stainless steel. Other brands of stainless ranges include Dacor, Wolf, DCS,  JennAir, and Thermador.

There truly is nothing you cannot cook or create using these high end ranges. The BTU's  put out by the burners require powerful blowers. They are installed in massive range hoods to ventilate smoke and steam out of your kitchen.

Special plumbing can be installed in the side or back splash over the range top. Collapsible faucets called Pot Filler Faucets save you time and energy for cooking lobster or big pots of soup or sauces.
You can avoid carrying very heavy pots of water and fill any huge pot on the stove top. If there is room in the counter near the stove, a special sink to discard any liquid left in the pot is wise as well.

In the last post we discussed Pull Out Pantries. Let me expand your imagination. Picture one wall in your kitchen where you want to place your stove. Our designers can help you surround the range/oven combo unit with the perfect storage of everything you need to create your favorite cuisine. Whether you select two tall Pull Out Pantries, or two Wall Pull Out Pantries to support the Integral Canopy Hood plus two base Pull Out Pantries below the counter top, all of your spices, oils, cooking utensils, and accessories can be immediately available to you.  Built In Storage In Kitchen Hood For Oils & Spices Pull Out Spice Rack Next To Cooking Surface

Next to each POP ( pull out pantry) I would add wide Three Drawer Bases or Base Pot and Pan Roll Out Cabinets. Some Base Tray Divider Cabinets or Wicker Basket Cabinets that hold garlic, potatoes, or onions is handy in the configuration too. The wall cabinets above can also keep food or dishes at your fingertips. Personally, a chef's hat would be the perfect accent as you create your five star restaurant dishes to enjoy!
Deep Drawer Storage With Lid Partition      Image result for dura supreme wicker basket

There are stainless steel commercial hoods and back splashes available in every width the commercial style range comes in. That look is awesome in a contemporary style kitchen.
If you love your cabinet door style, wood hoods that match are the best choice.They surround the internal blower and hood made to handle your particular ranges ventilation needs. The range backsplash area is perfect for a unique and artistic back splash to pull together the theme of your kitchen creative center.

Let me expand your imagination again. Have you considered a separate baking center in your kitchen? Baking truly is an art! However, it is an art based on the chemistry of how ingredients interact. Some people are gifted in this special area. Those who are tend to build a reputation among friends and family. I am not one of these gifted people. They usually want more than just one double oven. Typically, two double ovens are needed on one wall. The range may also have an oven. However, they may select a commercial 30 to 48 inch cook top with Three Drawer Base or Pot and Pan Roll Out Cabinets under the cook top.

In a kitchen with ample square footage, a baking center with a marble counter top is ideal. Marble stays cool to the touch. It is the perfect surface to roll out dough on. Base cabinets with multi layer drawer accessories keeps all your various sized measuring and rolling tools organized.

I hope you enjoy dreaming and visualizing your fantasy kitchen. We love to make the project fun and as economical as possible. Come see us, let's brainstorm and make your dream a reality!

Next week, I have some interesting ideas for refrigeration and islands. Stay tuned!    

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