Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Connectivity, the Easy Convenient Solution

We've been discussing new major trends in the kitchen and bath industry. Over the past few years connectivity is the word that describes the biggest changes in the remodeling or new construction business. The array of products appearing to make our lives more conveniently controlled through our smart phone or tablet is staggering! These features are integrated with Bluetooth streaming.

The technology continues to expand into practical as well as comfort/convenience uses rapidly.
Water leaks have always had a potential for a nasty expensive discovery when you arrive home. Taking a hint from the apps that run your appliances remotely, Delta's IDevice alerts your mobile device if your water heater or sink are leaking. How about that panicky feeling when you ask yourself half way to your destination " Did I close the garage door?" Ugh! NuTone's Garage Door Controller will not only let you know the answer, it will let you close it remotely! Now that is cool!

In our germ phobic culture we have become used to sink faucets and towel dispensers that operate with the wave of our hand. Now if you want  the same safety in your home, there are hands free flushing toilets, and sink faucets available. High efficiency low flow flushing toilets are gaining in popularity. Manufacturers are racing to offer a diverse selection of 1.0  gallon per flush models. Shocked? Yes, I wrote 1.0 gallon per flush!

Last week I touched on "Smart " stoves and refrigerators. In a very competitive environment appliance manufacturers have been forced to move towards smart technology. The results are amazing. Cooking appliances seem to have developed the greatest advances in technology.
I mentioned in last weeks post the refrigerator with an internal camera your phone can access.
I have inventoried my refrigerator and written a grocery list I left sitting on my counter. So frustrating! This refrigerator's interior camera can be activated with your phone so you can take a look again at what you need to pick up at the store!

Hey, maybe a great sale on a beautiful chicken appears as you walk down the aisle. Suddenly that is what you want to cook for dinner. If you have a "Smart" oven, you just pull up the app to it,turn on your oven, set it to 350 degrees in the convection oven and pop the chicken in for a quick dinner. No more "down" or wasted time!Your Smartphone is becoming the control panel for your oven these days.

How about recipes or unexpected problems with your cooking appliances? The latest appliances can communicate with the manufacturer or each other. They also connect to vast libraries of recipes and cooking resources. In fact the very high end company Wolf Cooking Appliances has 200 +   programmed recipes. You can select one and be instructed which rack position to choose, how to prepare and cook the entire dish!    

 Did you need to hand your Smartphone to your kid or grand kid to learn how to utilize all the capability? I did!  Well, now you can bond with them over great recipes you want to cook and serve to family. The kids and grand kids may not be able to afford these high end specialty Smart Appliances. However, they have the interest, savvy, and ability to help you activate and use the technology! Who knew!

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