Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Discipline, the Key to Realistic Pricing

Our recent posts exposed some unfair marketing traps homeowners can fall into. None of us know what we do not know. Working with a trustworthy remodeling contractor is the key to value and satisfaction. Some of our customers come to us after being scammed unfortunately. They confided their frustration trusting it was still possible to find a trustworthy contractor.

Homeowners have paid hefty down payments, signed contracts, and trusted the word of whoever they awarded their project to. Unfortunately, some lost their deposits after demolition or half way through the process when the trusted "professional" never shows up again! Yes, this happens. How can you prevent this? Check out referrals and ask any contractor you are considering for references and insurance. The best way to escape being scammed and prevent paying double for the work you want completed is to shop for value instead of the cheapest price.

I hope I taught you in the past two weeks blog posts to beware of the following bait and switch marketing ad. Any retail business telling you your project can be priced by the foot, as displayed in a vignette is being deceptive. Another fallacy in our industry is the ploy of "discount" volume Kitchen Bath showroom companies who advertise on TV or in print a flat total price for cabinets and granite in a package deal. Generally the marketing features two or three choices available in the same price point around $5999.00 to $9999.00 complete. Those ads are generated to get you to call and come into the showroom to see for yourself what you can have at the cut rate price. If, and it is a big IF, your wall space and square footage of your kitchen allows you to use exactly what is included in the deal, you may be able to keep the cost as advertised.

The reality is the retailer advertising this way know it is unlikely anyone can fit the shown arrangement into their available space. The catch is most customers need to change a cabinet size
or location of cabinets to fit their space. This change creates a need to vary placement, cabinet count, and counter top measurements. All bets are off. At this point the "discount" is not available any longer. You find the same cabinet and counter top selection costs much more when it is ordered to fit your measurements.

Apple Wood Kitchen and Bath sells value!  Respect, integrity, and follow through is how Apple Wood Construction and Apple Wood Kitchen and Bath has built their sterling reputation. So let's talk about value.

All of us have dreams for projects. Then we have the reality of what our budget is to build the dream.
It is the same circumstance faced when planning a wedding, party, buying your home, furnishing that home, and taking on projects to improve the home. Math becomes a deciding factor. There are some considerations you may want to ponder.

1. Discipline to stay on budget is critical you must realize selections drive cost. We suggest staying
    aware during the selection process.

2. Beautiful designs and products are available to accomplish your budget goals,whatever they are.

3. When selecting fixtures, flooring, wood, tile, cabinets ask to see and select from the pricing
    category appropriate for the budget you are working with.

The "D" word, discipline! Ugh! If only life did not require it!

You have to prioritize what you want versus what is non negotiable. Make your "dream list" then decide what you must have and what you can live without. Start there. Keep in mind, your new kitchen or bath is going to be light years better than what exists now.

Keep in mind the resale value of your home and your neighborhood. It is not necessary or wise to put a $150,000 kitchen into a home valued in the $300,000 range. It is also unwise to put a $30,000 kitchen into a million dollar home. Stay in the budget range appropriate for the location of your home.

We can design and build your project to fit lean budgets, typical budgets, higher budgets, and exceptionally liberal budgets. Each of these categories depend on being an informed shopper.
Selections of the components to complete your project determine the final cost. This fact can be challenging, especially for women.

When it is time to go to specialty suppliers of tile, lighting, flooring, appliances, and fixtures your understanding of the cost allowance is critical. You will be walking into a sea of choices that can derail your budget quickly. We suggest contacting the sales person where you will be making the selection. Tell them the scope of your project, including the cost you hope to keep this product within. Ask them to prepare selections in that price range for you to see. By doing this you protect yourself from falling in love with something that will increase costs considerably. You will also protect your excitement and satisfaction by avoiding feeling limited.  I am sure you understand what I am talking about. We all struggle when our "wanter" is in control.

There are more differences to consider that create the price categories  We will offer some comparisons in the next few posts.

Dream away and come share your vision with us. We specialize in making your remodeling dream a reality!

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