Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Welcome 2017

It is 2017! Can you believe it?

How many years of family events around Christmas have gone by now since you began promising yourself a new Kitchen by next year?

There is nothing like trying to prepare food in a dysfunctional kitchen during the Holidays. Family and friends want to be in the center of the action helping and visiting. Is that delight possible in your current kitchen? How many cooks can really fit without bumping into each other? Do you have the appliances needed to prepare all that food and keep it hot at serving time?

Did you reach the limit of your patience this year? Is it finally time to get serious about updating the most important room in your home?  If you have been reading this blog for awhile, you know how important it is to put together your "Wish Folder". Well, now is a great time to haul it out and add your thoughts. While the memory of what worked well and what did not last week is fresh, adding notes to guide your improvement of the situation is good right now.

Those ideas may cover what configuration and foot print will allow better flow of traffic and more "cooks in the kitchen". You may be reminded what a waste of space a certain cabinet has always been. What cabinet you could replace it with. It may be the realization of how a newer "Double Oven Range" would make cooking and serving a "hot" dinner easier. Or maybe, replacing that old style peninsula with a separate island would open up the room. Maybe that would allow four of you to have counter space to create while you enjoy talking and laughing as you do food prep. Maybe a prep sink in the island will help clean up after dinner.

We all fall into resignation and procrastination. Usually, it is because our normal kitchen routine does not really reveal what is completely unacceptable. Cooking, trying to keep food warm, and coordinating serving the food for Christmas, Easter. or Graduation celebrations for multiple people is an art form. Or maybe, the cost is what is most daunting to deal with.

Whatever, the hindrance is, reality tends to interrupt it this time of year. We all know expenses do not become less by waiting. In fact, they typically increase. The sooner you make the decision to invest in your home, peace of mind, and family life, the better where cost is concerned.

We are here to help you make the leap and decide 2017's  Christmas will be enjoyed in your new kitchen. It is tempting to wait.After all that is a year away. Here is the reality. Remodeling is a multi step process. Each phase is time consuming. There are so many selections and decisions to make. They all take weeks usually. THEN, and only after those weeks pass does the actual demo and install begin. The average Kitchen remodel takes at least six months, if you know what you want, from planning to completion. If you need time to ponder options, it can take much longer.  Getting started now will make next year so much more wonderful. It will also save you money over waiting another year or two. Promise!

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