Tuesday, March 14, 2017

What's New in Apple Wood's upcoming BUSY season

March 20th IS the first day of Spring! Yay!  We are in the last throes of winter and all ready for singing bird's, no snow, planning our gardens and getting our seedlings going or purchased to get a jump on planting! Spring cleaning time is the only time all year I actually look  forward to cleaning. I cannot wait for warmer days to open windows, let the breeze blow away the cobwebs of winter!

There is another really important opportunity coming now! While you do your Spring sprucing up many of you will begin thinking about the remodeling project you think about every year. We love that ! We want to help you so let me educate you about the process please. Thinking about finally getting that project underway seems to come in Spring and then again in late summer. The hope is the new kitchen will be remodeled and ready for Thanksgiving. That is a great idea! However, NOW  is the time to come see us if you want your new kitchen or bath ready for 2017's Holiday season!

Are you asking , "Why now?"  Well, excellent contractors with high levels of expertise and integrity get lots of referrals and/or new contracts with past clients. Apple Wood typically begins helping a client with one project, say a bathroom remodel, and they want to do more.  In the process the client is so happy and impressed because they trust us and can not imagine awarding their next project to another professional. It is very common for them to begin talking about the other kitchen, bath, deck, addition, or any number of other projects they have dreamt about forever.

We know our customers have many choices. We are honored that after working with us, most decide they are thrilled with the results. Then they cannot imagine working with anyone else. Once homeowners experience Lenny and his team's respect for their home, family, and remodeling vision , no other remodeling professional is considered.  Experiencing the excellence in craftsmanship, products, and level of expertise Apple Wood provides gains us repeat customers.

Let me remind you about the process which typically takes at least six and sometimes nine to twelve months. Remodeling is a creative endeavor. It is also very technical, emotional, and time intensive. This is especially true when the home owner's are a couple. Everything in remodeling is about selections, choosing the right design and then the components to place into the space to make your dream a reality.

Get ready I am going to say something "radical"! Yes, RADICAL!!! I mean it and I can get away with it because I am a woman! We all know women reserve the right to change their minds. We understand that and you will find we have patience to allow some changes, even midstream. However, please realize that very tendency is what delays projects and impacts completion. If a woman is a decision maker for your remodeling project, please come see us early, this Spring. It gives you some wiggle room to consider choices and changes before signing the final contract. If you wait too long, you may be at the end of a line of  other clients who are ready to go now. Of course , we wish to help every homeowner we can! We hope you are on our client list for 2017 and invite your family to celebrate Thanksgiving with the completed project you will be proud to host in.

I will be writing about vision, ideas, how to organize it all the next few weeks. Have a great week and come see us SOON!

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