Monday, June 5, 2017

The Time is NOW

Early in June seems like a long time away from Thanksgiving and Christmas. The reality is Thanksgiving is only 5 + months away. Why am I even bringing this up?

NOW is the time to contact us to begin the process for any project you want completed by Thanksgiving or Christmas. Yes, I mean it! Year after year clients dreaming of cooking and entertaining their family and friends in their dream kitchen on Thanksgiving are surprised when we tell them it is not possible. We get it. We understand the general public does not realize remodeling is a lengthy endeavor. Perhaps HGTV shows like Fixer Upper, or Flip or Flop reinforce the illusion remodeling is quick. It is not! Why?

To honor our clients and be respectful of their time, we must base our "build and install" calendar on which customer is ready, made all the selection of product, signed a contract and paid to get going.
Someone may come in two or three months earlier to begin the process. Another family may come in with all their decisions settled and ready to sign the contract, which puts them at the top of upcoming build calendar. I think you can understand why even though it may seem unfair based on a first come first served model.

There are many reasons. One of the biggest is the length of time selections take. Let me help you understand. One caveat is, if you have been collecting ideas and keeping them in your design and project folder as we suggest in so many blog posts, you may be very clear on what you want. That can significantly speed up the process. However, the typical homeowner is not aware of the many phases and the options they can choose in each one.

The initial design phase can begin the delay actually. There are many possibilities depending on whether your project include an addition of  square feet to your space. Another factor is optional changes to the current footprint and the placement of cabinets and appliances. Anything is possible really depending on budget and space. Generally, when you see the design completed based on the measurements taken at your home, it sparks questions and your imagination. It is normal to want to make some changes. We generally include simple ones in a second option. However, many times confusion sets in when homeowners see what is possible. Their curiosity and personal creativity can kick in. Even in the very beginning of the process , it  can get complicated. It is important to acquire as many of the dreams you hope for that are possible within your budget. Yet, that can lengthen the design phase considerably.

Once the design is accepted, the selection process begins. Actually this phase is wrought with twists and turns, especially for us gals! It is kind of like shopping for shoes. We know we need some new shoes, so we go shopping. "Oh, my, look at those, and that pair over there! I like both of them , and look over there! I do not think one pair will do, I need more" Sound familiar?  It is so hard to decide because we wonder if we will regret buying one pair over the other. What to do? Wow! This is only for a pair of new shoes and will be repeated often without any real damage to our bank account and home life. Think about the same options and temptations happening as you visit flooring, tile, granite, cabinet, and appliance showrooms! The choices are endless! Very few people have the self confidence or self control to determine quickly what the final decision is. Add the reality of the differing taste and design sense of  you and your spouse. That takes the decision into negotiations. All of  these factors to select each component in your remodeling project dramatically slow the process down.

It is very important to plan for delays and have some wiggle room for the completion time. Remodeling can be a great adventure! It can be fun and exciting. It is also an upset to your family routine. Each member of the family impacted may react uniquely. The outcome will delight you and the pain of it will fade away as you enjoy living your beautiful new space! It will be worth it! Just remember, this is NOT shopping for new shoes, a new outfit, or even new furniture. All of those events happen on a fairly regular basis over the years. Remodeling your home is different. The selections you make are permanent. That means you need to give yourself time be sure of your selections.

We help all of our clients and they appreciate the process and the results. This is what we do best. SO give us a call , we are ready , willing, and able to hold your hand and help you create, design, and build your dream!

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