Monday, September 25, 2017

A Little History

Did you know we do EVERYTHING?

What? Really? Yes, really!

Most of the blog posts I do are about our kitchen, bath, and other remodeling projects. I'm going to diversify today. There are endless projects homeowners need and want so please bare with me while I clue you in to the exciting truth of all Apple Wood can accomplish for you.

 I know that is uncommon. How can that be? Well, it is past time for me to let you know ANY need, interest, or improvement to your home inside or out can be accomplished here by Apple Wood Construction or Apple Wood Kitchen and Bath. Yes, it is true! Our showroom was created to help our new home construction clients have an opportunity to see the quality of our products and craftsmanship.

Apple Wood Kitchen and Bath was created only 5 years ago. Lenny was diligently searching for a kitchen and bath remodeling company he felt confident to refer the clients he was building custom homes for or remodeling to work with. He partnered up with a few professionals hoping to find a synergistic match with so they could team up and benefit his new custom home customers. The process was not successful for various reasons. The primary one was Lenny's commitment to excellent craftsmanship, work habits, and caring for his clients and their property was not duplicated to his satisfaction. Lenny is a perfectionist and does not accept shoddy habits or workmanship.

 Apple Wood Kitchen and Bath was established to provide our clients the quality we stand for in all our businesses. After being disappointed a few times trusting the remodeling professionals he hoped would work well with him, Lenny realized there was only one way to insure excellence. He needed to open the remodeling kitchen and bath division of Apple Wood to compliment his original construction company Apple Wood Construction. 

Lenny is a true renaissance man who learned his trade as an apprentice after going to a vocational high school to learn the construction trade. By the time Lenny was seventeen, he was an experienced carpenter and craftsman. The family pride in helping home owners has continued for generations in the Santosuosso family. Now, Lenny the fourth is learning the business along side his Dad. You gotta love that! It is so rare these days to encourage our youth to pursue a career of craftsmanship and creativity.

In addition to our Design Build approach to building new homes, remodeling older homes, kitchens, and baths, Lenny also does decks, additions, siding, windows, fireplaces, flooring, remove supporting walls to create open concept homes. If you want something done around the house chances are Apple Wood can do it for you.

Referral and repeat business is what all construction professionals hope for. Apple Wood thrives on repeat business. Once a homeowner experiences our design expertise and Lenny's craftsmanship, their wish list for home improvement projects expands. It is very common for our clients to tell us to get ready and prepare to get the thumbs up to do the bath, or kitchen, or a garage, or the deck next.

Think about the importance and value of working with a contractor who can do any and everything you want or need. It is extremely rare for one homeowner to afford every project they want to do all at the same time. However, to have the freedom to brainstorm and prioritize the current project keeping future ones in mind saves time, stress and money. Working with one company , hopefully Apple Wood,  helps eliminate the issues that may arise hiring different companies for different projects.

So how did our Kitchen Bath Showroom come into being? Why is it what everyone associates  Apple Wood with? Let me explain. When you are a General Contractor you are overseeing every component needed to build a complete home or business building. You build a team of sub contractors you trust , rely on and hire to build your clients home or business. The GC has to research, contact, and develop a working relationship with electricians, plumbers, roofers, siding companies, flooring, tile, and kitchen and bath designers and showrooms. The Contractor works hard to find synergistic  partnerships with subs he can count on to be committed to the same level of quality he is. That can be quite a challenge.  

 Initially, Lenny endeavored to find Kitchen and Bath showrooms and professionals he was confident in. They needed to be ethical, dependable, organized, and detailed. They needed to have the same commitment to excellence Lenny has. After having difficulty finding someone to work the decision was made to open his own cabinet showroom. Too many compromises were happening working with outside Kitchen and Bath professionals and showrooms. That is how Apple Wood Kitchen and Bath was born. We have been much happier and so have our clients.

If there is any profession where being OCD and a perfectionist is a good thing, it is remodeling. In fact , I would go so far as to say, those attributes should be present in anyone remodeling homes.
Think about it. Remodeling an existing space is a combination of art, creativity, math , and craftsmanship. If any of those ingredients are missing, the results will be lacking.

I love working for the Santosouosso's for many reasons. They are people of their word, dependable, honest and excellent at their craft. Your project will be competitively priced, on budget, and on time. You will not be disappointed. I would be so bold to say, you will be a client for life.

Come see us and find out for yourself!

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