Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Surviving a Kitchen Remodel

How to Survive your Kitchen Remodel!

Are you excited? Has the day finally arrived to begin experiencing your long awaited dream for a new kitchen?  Most of us , especially the ladies of the house, are hyper sensitive to what works and does NOT work in our current kitchen. Every time we prepare meals, entertain , and have the family at our house for the Holidays, we are reminded of the importance of updating the heart of our home.

Now IS the time to get started is your goal is a new kitchen before Thanksgiving!

The beginning of the process is fun! Thinking about what you want, looking through magazines, creating your " Dream Folder" for the dream project stimulates your imagination. All of that is so exciting and fun. It just is! Most homeowners have been considering a remodeling project a few years and setting some funds aside or waiting for bank loan interest rates to drop down. Suddenly , the Light is green and it is time to go!

Over the next few blog posts, let's talk about the process. The good, the bad, and the ugly. You will be experiencing all three on the path to the amazing, the beautiful, the wonder of  living life as a family in this completely new refreshed essential room.

I have been a designer for years working with more couples than I can count. I have also been a homeowner surviving the process of remodeling my own kitchen and bath. Today, I am on Pinterest looking at "How to Survive Your Kitchen Remodel" ideas. Whew! What a gold mine of information.
As a professional working with Southern NH and Northern MA clients, I want to educate, encourage, and inform all of you to reduce stress and help you enjoy the process "realistically" .

The average homeowner has no idea what to expect. Why would they? We each know our own field of expertise and others can leave us feeling stranded and vulnerable.  Over the next few weeks I will be sharing ideas along with facts we hope will help you. Here is a chart to begin the process. Give us a call at Apple Wood Kitchen and Bath. We are ready to make this road less bumpy and help you with your dreams.
The Best Tips for Surviving Your Kitchen Construction | Home Remodeling Contractors | Sebring Services (scheduled via

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