Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Trending Luxury Bathrooms

It occurs to me, I have been somewhat unbalanced recently always writing about kitchens. Let's talk about Bath Suites for a change. Today I am writing about the Free Standing Tub Trend.

Free Standing Bath Tubs -

In years past, every bathroom had a tub. Many homes only had one bathroom which meant a bathtub was essential for families with young children. Homes with two or more bathrooms are the norm now which brings up the tub debate. Whether to always place a dual purpose tub equipped with a shower head in every bath in a home or opt for a larger luxurious walk-in shower instead. Typically in a larger space the tub and shower share the square footage and add drama to the spa suite designer appeal.

Since most homes these days have two or more bathrooms, we are discovering our clients prefer the spacious walk-in shower in Master Baths especially. They are large enough to accommodate two adults who each have their own specialty shower heads and benches to relax on as the " rain " washes away the day. Optional shower jets in wall mounted units work out tight muscles. Even steam room nozzles can add to the spa experience.  Tubs are no longer considered a necessity even when considering resale.

When customers opt for a tub now, it is usually a freestanding style. It is a strong design accent that allows the homeowner to add their personality and decor style to their bath. Freestanding tubs come in every shape from a slipper look to ones that are curved, sleek, or boxy. The choices are numerous.
Since the tub surround is not needed to protect the walls during showers, the unit can be removed and replaced with another style tub if you redecorate. Setting an accent able next to the tub to complement the space is a current design trend, placing an antique table next to the tub in a traditional bath is classic. In a contemporary bath, a sleek glass table is perfect. Designing a specialty table with the same granite or solid surface material on the sink counter top is a great option. Placing items you would normally store on a tub deck surface adds to function and convenience.

White is the "new" color. The days of Fashion Colors in tubs, sink, and toilets is out. Everyone's interest in and pursuit of the spa look and experience has made white the "in" fashion color these days.

What so you think about this new trend? We will talk about the new trends in porcelain tile next. Hey, do you have your "Design Wish Folder" started yet?  It is a good place to keep your thoughts, ideas and questions. Until next time, enjoy dreaming and give us a call to make those dreams a reality!

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