Friday, June 12, 2015

Bathroom floor options

Out there looking at Freestanding Tubs yet? You will be so excited seeing all the choices!

Tubs, make you think of water. Water, makes me think of splashing it on the floor! Seems like I always manage to do that. No worries if you have tile floors, right? Well, what if you do not like the look of 6 and 12 inch square tiles with grout lines creating a grid in your bath? What if you really love hardwood floors, even in your bathroom? I do like hard wood everywhere with a lush area rug to step on.

Being I am a "splasher", hardwood is probably not the best choice for me! Wait! Another new design element on the scene to the rescue! Are you ready. You are going to like this idea.

So here is # 2 Porcelain Tile with a new twist and creative product "Trending in the Bath" right now:

Porcelain tiles that mimic wood in 12 x 24" rectangles is a huge craze right now. They have the practicality of  waterproof tile with the warm look of grained wood floors. You can step out of your bath dripping as you walk across the room confident you will not damage your wood to get the towel you neglected to put close to you before you stepped into your  bubble bath.  Less grout lines interrupt that old repetitive style. It expands the room visually and creates a peaceful quiet feel. If a hardwood look is not what you want, no problem. 

Rectangular porcelain tiles are also available in 4 x 12" too. There are some that resemble natural stone or others with linear striations. All of the choices lend themselves to a variety of design looks.
This new trend is perfect for flooring. It also works well as an application in showers walls. If you use them in showers they combine beautifully with the same size glass tiles. The glass tiles are especially popular as accents behind plumbing, such as shower heads.

To add even more luxury, add radiant heat under the tiles. Yes, it was once very expensive. However, the cost has come down based on manufactures competition. Bath floors are usually smaller than other floor surfaces. As a result radiant heat is more affordable than you may think. If you are already replacing your floor, it is the perfect time to add this comfy perk!  Ahhhhhhh! Enjoy

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