Friday, February 17, 2012

Recent Projects

Screen Room in Dover, NH

Interior of screen room looking out

Kitchen Remodel in Methuen, MA

Kitchen Remodel in Methuen, MA

Kitchen Remodel in Windham, NH

Handicap Accessible shower remodel in Windham, NH

Handicap Accessible shower remodel in Windham, NH

Friday, February 3, 2012

Building Codes.....

New building codes will be going into effect with a new 2012 International Code Book coming out.   Not only are there general building, plumbing and electrical codes that we need to be aware of, there are also strict energy codes which determine how many windows you can put in an addition or home.  Also are the new EPA lead laws that require special certification and carry extremely heavy fines if lead work is done incorrectly.

Also changes have been made for currently licensed Massachusetts builders, now requiring ongoing continuing education with yearly requirements.

When remodeling you can expect to encounter building codes or violations that must now be brought up to date. If a home is built before 1978 then you may encounter lead paint or pipes, older homes may even contain asbestos. Additionally, it is quite common to encounter new building codes required to bring the new work up to date; common examples include wiring, plumbing, insulation and smoke detectors.  Once a project is started everything must be brought up to current code.  Many codes are put into effect after years of experience and for consumer safety reasons.

These issues and new codes of course raise the costs of projects – but are completely out of the hands of the remodeler as we are at the mercy of the building inspectors and what they choose to enforce.

Please make sure when hiring a contractor for your renovation that they pull the appropriate permits and inform you of any code issues as soon as they arise and give you an estimate to do the upgrade. 

Even though there is no builders licensing in New Hampshire we are licensed in Massachusetts, fully insured and certified through the EPA for lead paint removal.

Lenny & Lisa