Friday, July 28, 2017

Make a Dream Home Out of your Current Home

Is your kitchen too small? Are you wanting to transform your small Cape or Ranch Style house to Open Concept? Are you asking, "Is that even possible? The answer is , Yes, it is.

At some point most homeowners end up analyzing the best solution for their living space as their needs shift and change. There are many things to be considered. Some families are completely ready for a complete change, new locale, different style house or perhaps the easier maintenance of owning a condo. Freeing myself from home exterior upkeep, lawn and garden care is tempting at times. Yet, being free to plant your own garden is very nice too. 

All these considerations are especially true of retirees facing whether to stay in their current home or downsize. Once the kids are grown and on their own a smaller living space is possible and easier to clean and maintain. However, those little ones will arrive and we grandparents love the idea of big family times together in our spacious homes. 

So many New England neighborhoods filled with small Capes, Ranch homes, and New Englander's 
were built in the 40s to 60's. The homes were built with a hall connecting to the living areas, bath , and bedrooms. It can feel very confining and closed off. What can you do about that? 

Many options exist. Opening up the wall between the living room and kitchen dining area opens up the house to feel much more spacious. Most likely the wall is a "bearing wall" supporting the second floor. No problem! Once the wall is down, the upper floor can be equally supported by installing a thick beam across the expanse. This beam can become a beautiful wood design element or be hidden
under drywall and painted and sometimes even hidden in the ceiling for a seamless design.

A second option is an addition! Depending on your property , additions can add square feet to make your home wider, deeper or both. Need more storage and closet space. Have you always dreamed of an "en suite" master bath/spa off your Master Bedroom? We can help you design and make selections to enhance your home that make it the dream you've imagined for decades. 

There are endless options! Come talk to us and get started. Get on our calendar so that you can enjoy your new Dream House for years to come!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

" I know what I want! " The Fun yet confusing "Selection" Phase!

It is natural to believe we already know our taste, preferences, and exactly what we want. After all, the first step of any remodeling dream is usually months, perhaps years of wanting and considering all the possibilities. Yes, we, especially us ladies, are very clear on what we like. Right?

When it comes to our home , our nest, it is easy for the woman to assume she will be the decision maker. After all, if it is a kitchen project, she is the queen of that space. Correct? Hold on, maybe not! Many families enjoy the joy of Dad being the chef. It is not the majority of households but is  getting very common. Let me throw you a curve ball! Perhaps, whoever is the person utilizing the kitchen should have their preferences prioritized. What do you think about that?

The reality is the two homeowners plus other older kids or adults, who live in the home, will all have opinions. Each will voice different ideas about what is important to them. This can be the first indication selections may take longer than anticipated.  Each family has to sort out who has the final say. Welcome to the negotiation process of your project.

Being in the remodeling business for two decades has proven to be an opportunity to experience what being a marriage councilor must be like. Once the time has arrived where a couple determines the money is available to begin a project, the personal taste of the two becomes very important. It is common for a husband and wife to come into the showroom with their individual vision for the cabinetry, colors, styles firmly set in their minds.

The moment each begins to touch and consider the door samples often reveals the two visions are very different. I often experience the female longingly focused on painted glazed inset door and drawer cabinet styles. She can see the entire new kitchen in her heart and mind. Her husband seems to be in another world. Perhaps the kitchen he is dreaming of would be perfect in a mountain cabin. Men love wood with texture. The more grain , knots, and rugged appeal the better! Time to sort these choices and decisions out is critical for you. We are committed to helping you make choices you will be happy with for years to come. I think you are getting the picture of how such considerations can impact the date your project will be completed.

I am so proud of you who have started their Design Folder. It is going to help you stay on target better than couples without one. However, other factors that delay the selection process are friends and family. We love to talk to our loved ones about such a great event finally happening. That is an important and smart part of the process. Feedback and questions help you fine tune what the finished project should include. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement and find later you left out something you did not know about or consider during the design and selection process. No one can think of it all. Even more true is the fact none of us can typically afford or have the space to include everything available. Choices must be made.

There it is the "C" word, CHOICES!  I do not want to belabor and repeat prior blogs. Just remember the thrill of going to various showrooms to select the cabinets, flooring, plumbing fixtures, lighting, tile, and counter tops repeat and multiply possibilities exponentially! The possibilities are unlimited. It is very difficult to stay focused when you are exposed to so many choices.  Be prepared! This is why starting as early as March to May to cook and entertain in your new kitchen this Thanksgiving must be emphasized! We are always here to help!