Thursday, February 26, 2015

Spring is on its way ......

I am happy today. I was greeted with singing birds this morning! Ok, it was late morning, but still!
What a joyful reminder that spring is REALLY coming. It is nearly five pm now and the sun is shining bright. I think I may make it home tonight before dark. I love that! Oh, that reminds me, be sure to set your clocks forward next Sunday morning (3/8) for daylight savings time.

Even though we have three to five foot piles of plowed snow everywhere we look, the cold will leave
and new life will begin soon. I noticed the temperature was a little higher too. When I arrived at our
showroom, the parking lot and sidewalks had less snow and ice. They were wet from the roof’s long
icicles melting. 

Saturday welcomed delightful couples stopping in to talk over their dream projects with me. That is
always a good sign. Business picks up with the promise of warmer weather. If you are considering a
project please come discuss your ideas and wish list with us soon. I think we are going to be very busy making your neighbors homes more beautiful and functional.

We have completed more In Law projects in 2014 and the beginning of this year than ever before. Just this weekend a realtor shared “It used to be buyers considered an in law unit in a listed home as
undesirable. Now, the opposite is true. Due to the economy forcing two or three generations to share
houses, in law suites are adding value to homes.”

There are so many options to make your home exactly what you envision. We are here to help! Come
see us. Bring in your Design Folder and show us all the ideas you collected all cooped up on these snowy winter days.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Heart of your Home - February 11, 2015

Here we are still shoveling and plowing our way out of Sunday and Mondays storm. Another is on the way Thursday! There is light in the tunnel though. By April 15 all this snow should be melted! Yay!

If you are ready, your new kitchen or bath design process can be completed. The first steps of research and selections to actually making that happen can be behind you. The new cabinets can be ordered so your new state of the art "heart of your home" begins to take shape. Demolition of the old cabinets, counters, and fixtures will begin to bring your dream into reality.

It is beautiful and peaceful to watch snow fall if you have the luxury of staying all cozy and warm inside. I think we are all  ready for Spring! Why not use this time while you are cooped up to leisurely  look through magazines, clip pictures and ideas out and  start your project folder?

The stores will be packed again Wednesday with every New England resident stocking up on supplies. I have something fun to add to your list. While there grab a few home design magazines to
enjoy and stir up your imagination. Going through your old magazines or on line is good too.

Last week on Feb 5 I wrote about noting your thoughts every time you are in your kitchen or bath.
If you have not read that post, please do. The suggestion will help you achieve the most success
prioritizing every feature and function important to you within your budget. As you journal your ideas, questions, and thoughts: place them in your folder as well.

Here are some ideas and suggestions for the contents of your Project Design Folder:

Tear out pictures of the following items you like:
Floors and Flooring Products
Cabinets - Door Style, Finishes, Stains
Back Splashes
Cabinet Hardware
Appliances - Basic and Specialty (Such as Wine Refrigerators or Ice Makers)
Counter Tops

Do not edit yourself in this process. Just have fun, let your imagination run wild! Rip out those pictures and put them all in your folder. The next step will be to organize to discover what your heart keeps confirming is your dream kitchen or bath. Enjoy the journey! You will be living in this space for a longtime. Listen to your heart! Next week I will write some more ideas and hints to make this as fun as possible! Happy clipping and tearing!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

New Year, New Beginnings - February 5, 2015

How did it get to be February already? I cannot believe January has already flown by. Can you?
I am happy, we are beginning to enjoy the days getting a little longer. What a pleasant awareness it was to still see daylight yesterday, when I locked the Showroom door at 5:00 PM!

Soon the crocus will appear. Glorious colors will begin to brighten our world. The winter storms will become more survival stories as we share about the record snowfall from the Blizzard of 2015.
It is almost time for Spring cleaning. Before we know it, summer will be flying by. Half of our new year will be behind us. It is NOT too early to start investing in increasing the value and beauty of your home.

 Now is the perfect time to begin planning your home improvement projects! Where are the pictures of ideas you cut out of magazines or pinned on Pinterest? It is time to dust them off. Start dreaming again. Make this the year you accomplish your goals to design your dream home and improve how  your biggest investment, your home functions to support your family lifestyle.

Where do you start?  Time to play!  It is so fun to let your imagination run free! May I suggest a colorful folder or two for different projects? Put any images you found in magazines or printed from websites in it. Keep adding more. In addition, it is key for our clients to write down notes and comments. What do I mean? OK, here goes the psychology lesson.

Every time we walk into a room, especially our kitchen, there is a subconscious dialogue going on with ourselves. It goes like this. " Why did I put the sink so far away from the trash area? I wish I had an extra oven just for holiday baking. I want a walk in pantry. We use so much ice, I need an ice maker! This peninsula is so inconvenient to walk around. I want an island like my friends.............." and on and on. When you begin to pay attention it will become easier to add  what ever you notice and think about. It will probably surprise you to discover what you love, hate, and dream of.  Just tune into your thoughts. See yourself cooking, baking, cleaning, eating, entertaining in your space. Note what you like and do not want to give up. Also, what you want to change if you could have anything you desired. Do not edit yourself. Do not get hung up about cost yet. Dream big and write down everything you would do if money was no object. Brainstorming like this results in saving time, money, frustrations, and regrets that forgetting something important to you can cause. It seems a little foolish. It is not. You will be living, working, and sharing this space for years. None of us can have everything we want. If we prioritize what matters most to us, we can usually have more success achieving our desired result within our budget.  Let's begin!

Let me ask you, how were your family celebrations and festive holiday parties in your current kitchen, dining room, and living space in 2014? Did entertaining for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years bring joy and fun?  Did you realize the holidays made your brain aware of what functioned well , or not so well in your current space?  Holidays and the guests we share them with remind us of the fact that updating our home will organize and improve our lives. The festive gift entertaining is helps us enjoy everyone we love more as we make memories that will last a lifetime.

Yes, we all are aware of changes we hoped to make throughout the past last years. It is hard to follow through, so we keep procrastinating. We typically vow , " by next fall, I am going to remodel................"  Setting up guest bedrooms, baths, and preparing big family dinners every year makes use face again what  needs to be updated. The beauty and creativity of Christmas also inspires many ideas.

Here is where the folders come in. Write all your ideas, questions, comments, and observations down. Put them in your folder. The pictures you cut out will help you see the door style, stains or painted cabinets, flooring, lighting, and appliances you prefer. Your taste will naturally emerge as you see the similarity in pictures you select. You will find you navigate towards a particular design style.  When you follow your heart, you will be pleased with the result as you refresh your home.

Before we know it Fall of 2015,Thanksgiving, and Christmas will arrive. Make it more peaceful and beautiful than ever! We can help you enjoy the journey. Let us help you accomplish your goal. You can be enjoying a completely new canvas and masterpiece before Fall rolls around. We are here to help you discover possibilities. Give us a call or stop in to dream together!

 Next, I will outline the Plan and questions to ponder that will help you discover what your dream project looks like. Happy dreaming!