Friday, June 10, 2011


  •       Turn up the thermostat – keep your air conditioner on 75 – it will still feel much cooler than the outdoors.
  •       Close up the house – keep shades pulled to keep the sun from driving up the interior temperature. If you need new blinds or shades white does the best job reflecting light.
  •       Install ceiling fans – they do a great job of moving the air around and they can make a room feel 5-6 degrees cooler.
  •       Only turn on lights when absolutely necessary – install dimmer switches so you don’t have to have lights on as bright.
  •       Wash clothes in cold water and do laundry at night when it typically cools down – dryers, even when properly vented, still let some heat back into your house.
  •       Use a fan with your window air conditioner unit to help move the cool air through the rest of the house.
  •       Wash only full loads of dishes and clothes.  Air dry your dishes instead of using the dishwashers dry cycle.
  •      Replace air conditioners that are over 10 years old – they are only half as efficient as newer units.
  •       Add more insulation to your attic – not only will it help keep the cool in during the summer – but it will also help keep the heat in during the winter.
  •       When it does finally cool down outside – turn off the air conditioner and open those windows.
By trying out these things you may actually save a few dollars --- and keep cool in the process.

Lenny & Lisa

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