Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Create your own "Dreamy" Spa Master Bath

I love going to spas! The fresh clean feeling is so relaxing. I enjoy the atmosphere as soon as I arrive. Being pampered during my appointment is heavenly. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to experience that feeling in our own Master Baths? We rarely have that wonderful experience.

I do not feel the same peaceful feeling when I am in my own bathroom.  However, we have great news! It is possible to make the magic happen! We would love to help you create your home spa. Do you know how customized storage, statement lighting, new solutions to tubs and shower fixtures create a spa experience at home?

Most of us rush into our bath to get ready for work or clean up after a long day. If you are like me, the room looks less peaceful after my visit then before. Especially in our rushed mornings, our family either leaves towels on the floor or crooked on the towel bar.  Toiletries, makeup, tooth brushes and toothpaste are all over the counter. Sometimes, when I return in the evening, I am shocked by the reality left from my whirlwind exit earlier in the day! Restful is the last adjective I would ascribe to my Master Bath at that point.

So let’s talk about solutions. How do Spas create the inviting surroundings that alter our mood and blood pressure? It is in the details. Everything has a place and is in the perfect location to create the peace filled atmosphere we long to escape into. Ahhhhhh!

Bathrooms are less expensive to remodel than kitchens. Typically they are much smaller. Thus it can be the perfect canvas to splurge when it comes to lighting, hardware, sinks, and counter top choices. A kitchen needs many lighting fixtures and big expanses of stone or alternative counters.

A bath usually only needs one or two lighting fixtures. The right one can set the entire mood for the space. How about a small crystal chandelier to create a classic traditional ambiance. Wall sconces casting light up and down a wall add drama in a contemporary setting. The choices are endless!  

Heated flooring adds comfort. Whether you prefer tile or wood, flooring invites you into the sacred space. The shower floor can be specialized by placing river stones strategically to stimulate the same points in your feet as reflexology massage does.

Glass tiles of various shapes and sizes create beautiful drama and reflective tones. Mixing the organic natural stone tiles with glass as an accessory brightens up the room and your spirit. Surrounding  the  mirror with a wall of glass tiles creates a breathtaking  feature wall.

Adding touches to accessorize, such as glass tiles nestled between the organic stone tile used on the walls in the shower really makes the room “pop” It  is similar to wearing jewelry bringing pizzazz to your favorite outfit.

Another accessory that can truly set your bath apart as spa like is beautiful hardware. Vanities have fewer drawers and cabinets than kitchen cabinets require.  Knobs and Pulls can really drive the price up high in a kitchen remodel. However, since few are needed in a bath, it is a perfect place to express your taste beautifully without over spending.

Vessel sinks have been available for some time now. The choices are getting more creative along with faucets of every possible style.  A new trend that began recently in kitchen design is making an appearance in baths as well. Open shelving adds storage and doubles as a practical way to display beautiful towels, candle, art and accessories that are too beautiful to hide behind cabinet doors.

Clear towering glass shower walls visually enlarge the square feet in bathrooms. Coordinating the shower wall tiles with the floor tiles adds interest and visual spaciousness as well. Imagine stepping out of your steaming shower and reaching for a toasty towel hanging on the heated towel bar! Luxury!

Tubs come in every possible style these days. Many are perform double duty. Jets and colored lights soothe muscles and your mind as your body relaxes into the miracle water.

I am ready to live in luxury! How about you! We would love to create your own Spa retreat in your home. Stop in and let’s dream together.






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