Monday, April 30, 2018

Avoidable Delays in Remodeling

What fun it is to look at all the gorgeous rooms in magazines! Doesn't it get our "wanter" going and stir up our lack of satisfaction with our homes! I have to admit, I am so vulnerable to being impatient about redecorating or in my old dated bath or kitchen.

That is a great thing! After all, updating the kitchen, bath, and master suite does increase the value of your home. The investment pays off in the end. However, we need wisdom and patience. Remodeling projects are not short lived. They take months! Yes, MONTHS! Why does it take so long? There are many reasons. I will touch on a few in this post.

Remodeling takes thought and planning. I suggest, the minute you begin to imagine a future project is the time to make a Design Dream Folder. Begin collecting pictures of rooms you like. Writing down your thoughts as you enter, work in , and leave your kitchen, bath , or other space you are considering remodeling is an excellent analysis.

The first delay you may run into can be prevented. Being thoughtful and purposeful putting together your Dream Folder will establish your taste and preferences. As you collect images you will soon realize there is a common thread in which images you like. Are the colors warm and bright or cool and calm? Are the cabinets simple, classic and white or a rich wood satin perhaps accented with a glaze. What about the flooring? Is it warm natural wood or natural stone or tile? How about the windows? Do you prefer a bright light filled room?

The questions above are the answer to how to avoid delays in your project. Most delays begin and get bottled up in the selection process. Each project has multiple selections that have to be made before the project can truly get started. If it is a kitchen remodel, cabinets take 8 to 10 weeks to arrive once ordered. That alone speaks of the importance of knowing your taste and preference asap. Often we girls struggle with this first choice. All of the cabinets create gorgeous kitchens. You have to consider how you function in your kitchen. Are you a fastidious housekeeper that will keep white cabinets clean? Are you better suited to wood stained cabinets that can be more forgiving if something  splashes on them?   If you have a heart for both , you can always make the Island Cabinetry a contrasting color to add drama.

Here is the biggest "time trap" we fall into. Are you ready?   Women love to share with friends and family what they are doing! That is what friendship is about, after all. As a Designer, I have watched projects be delayed by confusion and second guessing more than any other reason. What do I mean?
It is human nature to ask people what they think, what they would do. This can be a huge trap. Once you ask, you open yourself up to opinions of anyone you requested feedback from.

Here at Apple Wood we enter the all important "Build Phase" on a first come first serve basis. To clarify, please understand "First" does not mean the first homeowners who come in to talk about wanting to do a project. It means the "First" homeowners completing the selection process, approving the design, making a deposit, and signing the contract. That is the only fair way to create our Build schedule.

Generally speaking the public thinks the entire project should take two to three months from first interest to completion. I have worked in this business for over twenty years. Every designer experiences the shock and dismay of clients, coming in to "get their kitchen project started in September for a new kitchen to be completed for Thanksgiving". If you are working with a reputable
Contractor whose business is successful, the answer is going to be, "we are booked until at least late Winter into early Spring." I know, that is a truth you do not want to hear. That is the reason I strongly suggest your Dream Design Folder begin as early as possible so you can meet deadlines.

We are ready, able , and looking forward to helping you with your Dream Project. Call us and make an appointment for a in-home consult. You will be glad you did! 

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