Friday, May 1, 2015

Lighting options for your kitchen remodel....

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Another week has flown by. I am happy to see more sunshine this week. Last week was still so cold. I guess it was appropriate to write about all sorts of options in refrigeration!

Moving on with new trends in Kitchen Design, I will write about lighting options today.
The days of dark gloomy kitchens and shadowed work stations are past. Of course, planning natural light to pour through beautiful well placed windows is always appropriate. However, due to placement, some kitchens have limited potential for natural light. If that is true in your home, there are many ways to bathe your kitchen with ample light.

The days of  florescent light boxes in the center of the ceiling have gone bye bye, thankfully! The florescent tube light bulbs used to cast an unnatural hue. They have been replaced by recessed lighting provided by  light fixtures that look like tubular cans. The framing of the kitchen ceiling
creates a space for these cans to be flush with your ceiling. They hold bright flood light bulbs which have the ability to brighten up any kitchen. Even homes with the kitchen placed in the middle between a family room and dining room where no exterior window is available can be as bright as any on an exterior wall.

I particularly love the low cost efficient under cabinet lighting available now. Cabinets with added bottom rail moldings called light rail camouflage the fixtures that flood your counter top work spaces with light. You will love it while prepping and cooking. In addition, it is a great night light or additional "mood " enhancing touch when entertaining that did not exist years ago. The convenience of preparing a new dish with bright clear light to help you read the recipe on your prep area is priceless. Especially when you are needing to be sure accuracy for baking is available. I have been known to ruin a recipe adding half a teaspoon when only a quarter of a teaspoon was called for.  
Beautiful elements of your granite counter top can reflect like diamonds with light bringing out the detail of the particular stone you selected.  The miriade of  inexpensive options will astound you for something so practical as well and beautiful. Come in to our showroom. We can show you examples of this practical new trend!

Pendant lights are another trend that update a kitchen design dramatically. A pendant light adds a touch of simple drama. Think of them as the jewelry accessorizing your space. Hand blown glass in colors and textures you love add drama. They are on long poles extending from the ceiling.
Depending on the width of your sink area, one centered or a series of three are common. Repeating
the same spaced over the width of your island complements your personal style. There are many choices of glass globes to choose from as well as small fabric circular or square drum shades. If you get bored and want to update your look after a couple of years, just change the pendant shade and you are all set!

In large kitchens, a focal point "statement piece " chandelier adds the elegance your home demands.
It will determine the appropriate design style of the other light fixtures in the room. A kitchen of this dimension often includes wall sconces as well.   

In a pantry area it certainly makes sense to add a ceiling light so you have visibility every time you enter. If the pantry is quite large additional under shelf lighting can help.

Walking into your kitchen to see a special cabinet as your centerpiece focal point adds sophistication and drama too. You may one or more cabinets that you want to feature as focal points. Staggered height and depth from other wall cabinets in the room accomplish this. To add more drama, try drawing attention to special dishes, glassware, or accessories with interior lights accenting the contents. Being sure to order your cabinets with finished interiors prepares them to become perfect displays of your favorite items.

The days of only a boring functional kitchen have passed. The great news is, all these new trends are affordable and functional as well. You are going to love your new "heart of your home".

Come see us soon so we can help you realize your dream space before the 2015 holidays.

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