Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Those Useless Corners

Do you remember this chore? Mom needs something from inside the corner cabinet in the kitchen.
She cannot see in the cabinet or reach into it without twisting herself into a pretzel. Calling your name to help her was her last resort. After all you are short and small enough to crawl back into that dark cabinet if need be.

These catch all cabinets were aptly called blind corner cabinets. Perfect description! They were the largest cabinet taking up valuable real estate in one of the most essential rooms in any home. Typically at least half of their storage space was unused. If it was used, eventually something important would simply disappear. It would end up pushed all the way to the back never to be seen again.

Why do you need these corner cabinets? There really is no other way to maximize the use of all your kitchen wall space.  In large kitchens of many square feet available, corners can be  left open occasionally for a designer look. However, most kitchens have less square feet due to shorter walls. They must utilize every possible inch. Corner cabinets also allow your counter tops to flow continually creating maximum work space.

The Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry industry listens well to the feedback and suggestions of homeowners. We are continually finding new solutions for every need and most requests the public asks for. Corner cabinets are no exception. Today we have many ways to utilize every corner you have. The days of blind corners are gone!

Lazy Susan cabinets are available for the base and wall. They have been available for many years now. Depending on where your stove or sink is located, theses base cabinets can be perfect for pots and pans, storage items, or food. The wall corner Lazy Susan is handy for spices and other food storage or dishes. From the design standpoint the cabinet door can be diagonal or two doors hinged straight at 90 degrees on either base or wall cabinets. The rotating shelves are very convenient.

If you do not prefer the shelves rotating , they can be fixed. An "easy reach" feature helps preserve the visibility of all the contents.Typically this is accomplished by the upper shelf depth being half the depth of the bottom. They are easy to reach into.

Diagonal Sink bases are another option in a larger kitchen. This is especially nice where two windows meet in a corner. Some times positioning your stove in a corner creates unique touch.
There are many dramatic ways to make it a focal point. Both of these choices take up valuable corner storage space. Thus they are not wise in smaller kitchens. However, they are beautiful when you have room.

How  has the old "black hole" blind corner cabinet challenge been solved? So creatively!
Interior components and accessories are now available to maximize storage space. One solution is
two shelves with chrome rails that swing independently and bring the shelf contents out into the open. There is also a two shelf system designed by Rev-A-Shelf that includes a completely chrome interior accessory. Both have rollers placed in metal tracks that allow you to pull the bottom rack out and the top shelf sideways so you can access everything. Nothing gets lost in these efficient utilitarian corner cabinets. Impressive!

Less common are new drawer bases. Yes!! Actual drawers in the corner with 90 degree drawer fronts. So, you will not need to call one of your wee ones now to find something back in that dark
scary corner. Everything you need is conveniently available. Isn't human ingenuity amazing?

If you have "had it" with  wasted space in your corner cabinets, we are here to help! Come in to see us at Apple Wood Kitchens. We can show you all the great solutions to make your kitchen your happy place!


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